Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls….(unless you want to, then do it)

Well today was pretty great, although not super entertaining, so it’ll probably be mostly pictures!

We started out at Skaftafell, described as the “jewel in the crown of Vatnajökull National Park”, which has a breathtaking collection of peaks and glaciers. The hike up to Svartifoss (aka “Black Falls) definitely took my breath away. It says it’s an “easy” hike, but I suppose that’s only accurate for true hikers, because by the time I reached it, I sounded like an asthmatic Clydesdale. But it was worth the effort!

The camera doesn’t quite capture how green the scenery was, and how it offset the black basalt columns all around. Mo has said she was staying at the bottom of the trail, but ended up meeting me there, which was awesome! And the trek down had more lovely scenery and another little waterfall:

And of course we had to pose with the ruins of an old farmstead:

And of course we found more strict bathroom rules! Seems like every destination has its own unique set of bathroom issues it feels the need to correct:


I’d kinda like to know whose head would even fit in that tiny hand-dryer, and how many people are drying their clothing in it. Also, who on earth doesn’t know that used toilet paper goes in the toilet?!!? I suppose we should be grateful that Iceland public toilets are keeping bathroom users in line, since most nights we are sharing 1 bathroom amongst 8-12 strangers, which makes for some awkward breakfast table eye contact avoidance.

anyway….after the National Park, it was off to eat lunch (lobster soup for me! And a hot dog for Mo), and then some iceberg exploring! Mo decided to try licking one (the guidebooks say that it’s a normal thing to do here. lol)

Whereas I chose a more zen and relaxing approach….


Reluctantly we dragged ourselves away from the ice, and set off to our accommodation for the night….but first we had to stop and make some friends.

Now we are tucked in an adorable little cabin in a cute town called Höfn, while we strategize tomorrow!


Oh, apparently Iceland has a yearly competition of “stupidest tourist”. We are working reallllly hard to not win that title! Wish us luck!


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