Fjords and Falls!

Mo made a startling discovery today…the shower in our adorable little cabin is perfectly visible from the on-site restaurant, and there was noooo screen whatsoever, and no blinds or window-frosting! I think it’s a diet tactic. They purposely put chubby North Americans in that cabin, so that the visual of them naked and soaping themselves up makes the Europeans in the restaurant think “on second thought, I’ll just have fruit and muesli, and skip the Nutella-laden waffle!”. Anyway, after I put people off their breakfast (Mo was smart and showered the night before when the restaurant was closed), we took off heading on a road tip through the gob-smackingly beautiful Fjords!

We found this random thing at the gas station where we filled up:


Of course I hit the “happy” button, not knowing what it was for, but hoping for good karma!

Sick of waterfalls yet? We aren’t! Found a few more lovely ones off to the side of the road:

Now, we’ve oddly started to get possessive of our little finds, which is ridiculous since most of them are visible from the road. But we’ll pull in, get out our cameras, be pleased with ourselves to have found a spot with no one else around, and then suddenly we see a car or two pull in, and we have to really restrain ourselves from screaming “get outta here! This one’s taken!”, as if there won’t be another one 2 seconds away. And don’t get me wrong, this country has sooooo many other tourists, especially this time of year, but nowhere has felt “crowded” yet. We can go long times without seeing anyone else…so good thing we’re still getting along! Although at the next waterfall, Mo scrambled up the rocks, and for a minute I thought she was about to hurl herself off, just to get away from me (…and to be fair, everyday she has said “I could die happy now”, but usually it’s after eating hot dogs):


We even built our own cairn…..and yes, it’s not impressive at all, but we were pleased with our efforts.


Snapped a few more random pictures:

….and continued on our way. Next up was a really pretty beach, again with the black sand.


And then….oh look! Another beautiful waterfall!


Mo has decided it’s her mission to catch and hold a baby sheep….it’s quite amusing to watch her in her attempts. The first time, she sauntered up with a nonchalant “hey buddies….”, and the sheep couldn’t run away fast enough. She’s now taken to ambushing them when they are in a gully, thinking it’s harder for them to get away….wrong! I’ve taken to calling her “Little Mo Peep”. Today was the closest she came….she sat on the ground and the mother sheep came warily towards her. I thought for sure she’d get head-butted, so I had the camera at the ready…(believing she’d be a shoo-in for that title of “Year’s Stupidest Tourist”), but lo and behold, the mother goat came close!


…took one sniff of Mo’s outstretched hand, and took a huge dump, and peed, before taking her 2 babies and sashaying off! Insult to injury….but amusing to me!

Oh look! ANOTHER waterfall! This one was my favourite. First there was a lovely random sign near the gate (and keep in mind, this was the middle of nowhere!):



I was less amused by the 2nd sign, which was clearly anti-selfie stick! And everyone knows how much I love my selfie-stick! Yup…gotta love the dramatic effect of stick people dancing with death using a selfie-stick!


It may have been more effective to my psyche than I’d like to admit, because I did leave my stick in the car, but still scampered out on the perilous rocks to get some amazing shots (…and you’re all welcome for that!)

Here’s a fun contrast we discovered….check out the local police station vs the local coast guard:

The police station looks alarmingly like a crack-shack, and the coast guard looks like a war ship!

Here’s some random Fjord shots….the drive through this area was a tad dicey and terrifying at times. The Icelanders seem to love playing Russian Roulette with their vehicles. There’s a lot of one-lane bridges around blind corners and up hills, and everytime I see this sign, i silently think “ok….this could be it”. lol

If you look closely, that’s 2 vehicles speeding up hills towards each other at 70km/hr, on an s-curve of sorts. Good times! lol

anyway, some say this is the most beautiful part of Iceland, and although it’s only the 2nd region we’ve seen, I can well believe it!



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