On the Town!

Left our swanky hotel this morning, and we were both very sad about it. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s some shots again of our hotel’s own Blue Lagoon, which we pretty much had to ourselves at all times!


*sigh* But it’s ok! We enjoyed our 20hrs of R&R there, and headed back into Reykjavík, which has some fun welcoming signs!


We also finally met a reindeer!


….and saw the Northern Lights!


Ok, ok….we didn’t see the real Northern Lights (and full disclosure: that reindeer isn’t real either), but we went to the Aurora Reykjavik, which was surprisingly cool. It’s a museum/exhibit dedicated to the Aurora Borealis, and told us the different countries where the Northern Lights are visible, and the legends/myths that people used to rationalize and explain them (some were hilarious!). It also explained the science behind their existence (which was dry and hard to follow, but I’ve never been a fan of science. lol), and had a panoramic theatre with a multimedia show to let you “experience” them. They also had virtual reality glasses which were hilarious (I looked like a minion):


We checked into our airbnb, which is super cute, and in a fantastic location, and then headed out again to do the Settlement Exhibition. Mo isn’t a museum enthusiast, but she was a good sport and  did agree to go with me, and we both loved it! It is centred around a Viking longhouse that was discovered in Reykjavik’s Old Town in 2001, and dates from 930-1000. They built the museum around it, and had all sorts of multimedia stations talking about what life was like, and how the houses were built, and the people who lived in them. It was really well-done, and we highly recommend it to anyone visiting the city!

Our plan was to check out the local nightlife tonight, but we have to get up ridiculously early tomorrow for a spontaneous road trip we organized for ourselves! Should be some great photos for tomorrow’s blog! Hope all is well back home!


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