Plenty of Puffins!

Guess where we went yesterday?!?!


We decided we couldn’t miss it, and got up at an insane hour, to do the long drive to catch the 9am ferry. But it was worth it!


So, the only slice of the Arctic Circle that Iceland owns is a little island called Grimsey, with only between 80-100 full time human inhabitants, and the birds outnumber people 10,000 to 1.

We didn’t think we were big bird enthusiasts,  but we actually loved sitting on the cliffs, watching all the Puffins swimming around, flying around, and just chilling on the rocks!

And it was a beautiful day! Unlikely our disasterous island day on Flatey, we only had 5hrs there, but we wished we’d had a few more!

…and the scenery was gorgeous!

We even got certificates confirming we’d been to the Arctic Circle, in case anyone ever challenges us and calls us liars (although mine says “Robyn Monh”, which  I’ll have to doctor a bit, so I guess people could still accuse me of lying…)

The island also had sheep, 1 horse and tons of other birds, and it was one of our best days! On the way over we were a bit worried because we’d checked the weather and it said it’d be 8 degrees, but everyone else on the ferry were dressed like they were going to the North Pole in the middle of December. They were all wearing giant parkas, and lots of scarves/toques/mittens….we were in sweatshirts and jeans. But turns out we were right, and the rest were uncomfortable and sweaty all day (we saw lots of them carrying around their parkas and looking slightly miserable! Yay us!

All in all, it was a long 23hr day for us, but so worth it! And now it’s our last afternoon here before catching our flight to Halifax, and then home tomorrow afternoon!


3 thoughts on “Plenty of Puffins!”

  1. That is so awesome that you got to the arctic circle! And those puffins are adorable!! Safe travels tomorrow. I am sad that your adventure is coming to an end because I have loved following your trip!

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